1. Children are not permitted to climb on the nets or the goals at any time.  Every year, children are
    hurt climbing on goals and nets.  Every year new nets must be purchased due to children climbing and
    destroying them, causing fees to go up.  PLEASE, keep ALL of the children off of the nets and the goals.
  2. Seating during ALL practices and ALL games should be restricted to the sides of the fields. 
    NO ONE should ever sit or allow children to play in the areas at either end of the fields.
  3. ALL Jewelry (including but not limited to: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.) is prohibited from
    being worn during all practices and all games.  The only exception would be for medical identification.
  4. BYSO, CAYSA, and STYSA require shin guards to be worn at all practices and all games. 
    Failure to do so may result in a D&P hearing in front of the BYSO Board.
  5. Athletic shoes must be worn to all practices and all games.  Cleats extending out the sides, front
    or back are prohibited.
  6. Clothing with frayed hems or extremely loose, that might possibly cause injury, will not be allowed.  This
    is left up to the discretion of the referee.
  7. Each child's parent or parents shall have the responsibility to oversee their child at all
    practices and all games.  If the parent cannot attend, then it shall be their responsibility to have designated a responsible adult to oversee their child for them.  If a child is left unattended with the team Coach's permission, then that child's timely pick-up will be expected.  Failure to do so will be a possible forfeiture of playability.
  8. Children who are not participating must not be left unattended.  BYSO will not be responsible for
    any mishaps, which may occur to unregistered children.  Please, keep your children away from the parking areas during all practices and all games.
  9. Children are expected to attend ALL practices and ALL games.  Please, let the Coach know if
    your child will not be attending either.
  10. We ask that all trash be put into the trash receptacles (that are provided around the fields) or be
    taken home with you after all practices and all games.
  11. Dog, cats or other pets are PROHIBITED ON BISD PROPERTY, to ensure the enjoyment and
    safety of all players, spectators, and officials
  12. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED on BISD property, to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all players,
    spectators, and officials.
    and against State Law.
  14. AUTOMOBILES ARE PROHIBITED on playing grounds.  Exceptions are maintenance vehicles,
    emergency vehicles, or those with prior permission from the BYSO Board.
  15. NOISE MAKERS are prohibited at all games.

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