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Player Early registration $89.00 through December 31st.  Late Registration is $119.00 thru January 15th, 2015
(excludes $2 online processing fee)

You may also mail registration form & check (obtained on to P. O. Box 1544  Bastrop, Tx  78602

Drop by registration form and check at our drop box on Hwy 95 fields, drop box located behind the brown net shed (sealed and locked drop dox)We also are looking for Coach Volunteers (sign up link above! No experience necessary, and a guaranteed good time with the kids!) 

SO PLEASE PLEASE sign up and volunteer to coach or take a Board Position to help run the organization through the upcoming season.  This program is 100% volunteer!Any questions, please let me know.

Registrar   512-785-8306 (prefer email first for resolution, I have a full time job/family) 


BYSO Gameplay Rules

BYSO Game Rules

  1. Shin guards must go UNDER socks.  If not, player needs to correct before game starts.
  2. No jewelry, no exceptions.  Bandaids over earrings and wrist bands NOT allowed for any reason.
  3. Check cleats.  No toe cleat allowed.
  4. No bandanas.
  5. Home team provides game ball, visiting team calls the coin toss.  Winner of coin toss chooses side to defend.  Other team gets kick off.
  6. Blow your whistle loud!  Everyone on the field and sideline should be able to hear it.
  7. Start your game on time.
  8. U4/5/6 players-DO NOT count if they score in their own goal.  Give a corner kick to the other team.
  9. Players:
  1. U4/5/6-3 v 3, no goalie (can have defender)
  2. U7-U8- 4 v 4, no goalie, need 3 to start game
  3. U9/10 BYSO-6 v 6, 5 field, 1 goalie, need 4 to start game
  4. U9/10/11/12 and Rec Plus-8 v 8, 7 field, 1 goalie, need 6 to start game
  1. Kick Off: 
  1. Ball must go forward and across the center line.  NO DOUBLE TOUCHES!
  2. U4/5/6/8-stop play and restart.
  3. U10/11/12 (all formats)-if double touch, indirect kick to the other team
  1. Kick-ins/Throw-ins: 
  1. CALL bad throw-ins, otherwise the players won’t learn.
  2. U4/5/6-kick-ins, NOT throw-ins.  Defending players must be at least 6 feet from the ball.  NO DOUBLE TOUCHES!  Stop and restart.
  3. U8-throw-ins with one additional try.  Can’t throw in to self.  Stop and restart.
  4. U10/11/12-throw-ins.  No second chances.
  1. Goal Kicks:
  1. U4/5/6-taken from any point on the goal line, NOT in front of the goal.  Defending players must be at least 6 feet from ball. NO DOUBLE TOUCHES!  Stop and restart.
  2. U7-U8-taken from box in front of goal.  NO DOUBLE TOUCHES!  Stop and restart.
  3. U10/11/12-taken from goal box.
  1. Corner Kicks:
  1. U4/5/6//7/8-NO DOUBLE TOUCHES!  Stop and restart.
  2. U10-double touch-indirect free kick to the other team
  1. Fouls/Free Kicks:
  1. U4/5/6/7/8-ALL fouls are indirect
  2. U10/11/12-indirect and direct fouls awarded
  1. Substitutions may only be made at the following times:
  1. Team doing kick-in/throw-in only
  2. Either team’s goal kick
  3. Either team’s kick off
  4. Injury
  5. NO subs allowed on corner kicks or free kicks by either team!
  1. Coaches on the Field:
  1. U4-1 coach from each team may be on the field during the game
  2. U5-1 coach from each team may set up players on the field, then must step back to sideline
  3. U6/7/8/10/11/12-no coaches on the field during the game
  1. Parents:
  1. Must be at least 3 feet from the sideline
  2. Not allowed behind the goals or anywhere along the goal line
  1. Offside:
  1. U4/5/6/7/8/9 6v6-no offside called
  2.  U9/10 6v6 & 8v8 and Rec Plus-offside called
  3. U11/12 8v8 offside called
  4. U13 & up 11v11 offside called
  1. Game Length:
  1. U4 – 2-15 minutes halves  5 minute half time
  2. U5 – 2-15 minutes halves  5 minute half time
  3. U6 – 2-15 minutes halves  5 minute half time
  4. U7-U8 – 2-20 minutes halves  5 minute halftime
  5. U10 – 2-25 minutes halves 5 minute halftime
  6. U11/U12 – 2-30 minute halves  5 minute halftime
  7. U13/U14 – 2-35 minutes halves 5 minute halftime
  8. U15/U16 – 2-40 minutes halves 5 minute halftime


If the weather is real hot be sure and ask both teams if they would like a water break half between each half, clock keeps running, do not add time.


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