BYSO Game Rules

  1. Shin guards must go UNDER socks.  If not, player needs to correct before game starts.
  2. No jewelry, no exceptions.  Bandaids over earrings and wrist bands NOT allowed for any reason.
  3. Check cleats.  No toe cleat allowed.
  4. No bandanas.
  5. Home team provides game ball, visiting team calls the coin toss.  Winner of coin toss chooses side to defend.  Other team gets kick off.
  6. Blow your whistle loud!  Everyone on the field and sideline should be able to hear it.
  7. Start your game on time.
  8. U4/5/6 players-DO NOT count if they score in their own goal.  Give a corner kick to the other team.
  9. Players:
  1. U4/5/6-3 v 3, no goalie (can have defender)
  2. U7-U8- 4 v 4, no goalie, need 3 to start game
  3. U9/10 BYSO-6 v 6, 5 field, 1 goalie, need 4 to start game
  4. U9/10/11/12 and Rec Plus-8 v 8, 7 field, 1 goalie, need 6 to start game
  1. Kick Off: 
  1. Ball must go forward and across the center line.  NO DOUBLE TOUCHES!
  2. U4/5/6/8-stop play and restart.
  3. U10/11/12 (all formats)-if double touch, indirect kick to the other team
  1. Kick-ins/Throw-ins: 
  1. CALL bad throw-ins, otherwise the players won’t learn.
  2. U4/5/6-kick-ins, NOT throw-ins.  Defending players must be at least 6 feet from the ball.  NO DOUBLE TOUCHES!  Stop and restart.
  3. U8-throw-ins with one additional try.  Can’t throw in to self.  Stop and restart.
  4. U10/11/12-throw-ins.  No second chances.
  1. Goal Kicks:
  1. U4/5/6-taken from any point on the goal line, NOT in front of the goal.  Defending players must be at least 6 feet from ball. NO DOUBLE TOUCHES!  Stop and restart.
  2. U7-U8-taken from box in front of goal.  NO DOUBLE TOUCHES!  Stop and restart.
  3. U10/11/12-taken from goal box.
  1. Corner Kicks:
  1. U4/5/6//7/8-NO DOUBLE TOUCHES!  Stop and restart.
  2. U10-double touch-indirect free kick to the other team
  1. Fouls/Free Kicks:
  1. U4/5/6/7/8-ALL fouls are indirect
  2. U10/11/12-indirect and direct fouls awarded
  1. Substitutions may only be made at the following times:
  1. Team doing kick-in/throw-in only
  2. Either team’s goal kick
  3. Either team’s kick off
  4. Injury
  5. NO subs allowed on corner kicks or free kicks by either team!
  1. Coaches on the Field:
  1. U4-1 coach from each team may be on the field during the game
  2. U5-1 coach from each team may set up players on the field, then must step back to sideline
  3. U6/7/8/10/11/12-no coaches on the field during the game
  1. Parents:
  1. Must be at least 3 feet from the sideline
  2. Not allowed behind the goals or anywhere along the goal line
  1. Offside:
  1. U4/5/6/7/8/9 6v6-no offside called
  2.  U9/10 6v6 & 8v8 and Rec Plus-offside called
  3. U11/12 8v8 offside called
  4. U13 & up 11v11 offside called
  1. Game Length:
  1. U4 – 2-15 minutes halves  5 minute half time
  2. U5 – 2-15 minutes halves  5 minute half time
  3. U6 – 2-15 minutes halves  5 minute half time
  4. U7-U8 – 2-20 minutes halves  5 minute halftime
  5. U10 – 2-25 minutes halves 5 minute halftime
  6. U11/U12 – 2-30 minute halves  5 minute halftime
  7. U13/U14 – 2-35 minutes halves 5 minute halftime
  8. U15/U16 – 2-40 minutes halves 5 minute halftime


If the weather is real hot be sure and ask both teams if they would like a water break half between each half, clock keeps running, do not add time.


1. Board Member positions currently available:

  • Treasurer
  • Uppder Division Commissioner
  • Field Commissioner

We would like to get these positions filled very quickly. They are both positions that are critical to our success as a volunteer run non-profit organization. If you are as passionate as we are about making sure that sport programs like BYSO are available to the children in our community, then we encourage you to email our President today and inquire. Join us and help BYSO in making a difference to families here in Bastrop.

2. The BYSO board has meetings monthly.  Our next meeting will be Sunday, Sept 16th at 6:00pm.  (Monthly times are subject to change, please inquire) at the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce on Main Street. Everyone is invited to come and participate. It is a great way to find out more about your league.

Coach's Code of Ethics

Coaches must also follow all of the rules as outlined in the Parents Code of Ethics.

I will place the emotional and physical well being of my players ahead of any personal or parental desire to win.

I will treat each player as an individual, remembering the large range of emotional and physical development
within the same age group.

I will do my best to provide a safe environment for my players during practice or games by checking player
equipment, field equipment, keeping the playing area in excellent condition and insuring the area is free of
any alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

I will do my best to organize practices that are fun and challenging for all my players; making sure that all
my players are fit for practice and competition; educating them on the technical, tactical, physical and
psychological demands of the game for their level within the appropriate number of training sessions
(not to exceed two) per week.

I will use those coaching techniques appropriate for the age level with which I am teaching while working
in the spirit of cooperation with the officials, administrators, other coaches and spectators to provide the
maximum opportunity for development, sportsmanship, and appreciation for the game.

I will supervise and control our practice and playing environment so as to avoid injury utilizing and teaching
proper safety techniques and methods of play within the rules and policies set forth by the local, state and
national organizations of soccer.

I will be sensitive to the player’s needs, allow players to experience all positions, recognize the need to have
fun and receive positive feedback, teach in the spirit of enjoyment and learning; and strive to help each player
reach their full potential and assist them to be prepared for the next stage of development.

I will be knowledgeable in the rules of the game, encourage moral and social responsibility, and teach this
to my players and their parents with my own behavior and positive guidance.

I will lead by example in demonstrating fair play, sportsmanship, maintaining integrity within our sport and
being a good role model.

I will remember that I am a youth sports coach, keeping the games in perspective, and that the game is for
the children not the adults.  I will remember that we are here to help the children have fun and learn.  I will
help the parents and other spectators remember this as well.

I will agree to continue my coaching education by attending coaches meetings, clinics, classes, etc. throughout
the season and the year.

Coach's Signature_________________________________________ Date_____/_____/_____

Click here to register for Academy soccer.

The Academy program is also an option available for U9 & U10 levels only.  It is sometimes also referred to as Recreational Plus, and features a higher level of training and development compared to a recreational league. It is an excellent bridge between recreational play and select, travel teams. It involves skill instruction by professional, licensed coaches during the practice week, festival style game format with teams from surrounding areas, finishing with a final tournament.

  • BYSO offers free conditioning training over the summer and winter breaks.
  • BYSO offers two free five week skills training sessions (fall & spring) in addition to regular training sessions for all Academy & Select players.
  • BYSO has a highly qualified coaching staff having more than 50 years of competitive soccer experience.
  • BYSO is about half the cost of most soccer clubs in the surrounding area.
  • BYSO sponsors several soccer camps and tournaments throughout the year (including 3v3).
  • BYSO is affiliated with Austin Aztex professional soccer club and has a professional player assigned to BYSO.

A couple things to note about Academy Soccer:

  • Games are played on Saturday and some Sundays (we try to only book Sunday afternoons, and only when necessary).
  • Rainout games must be rescheduled.
  • It is an annual commitment (Fall & Spring).  The beginning of the season is Fall, and is when annual payments are due (payment plans available).  Although you must re-register in the Spring with our new online registration program, you do not pay anything additional on this 2nd season registration (unless you are a new player signing up).  It is just to get the players and team on that season's books.

Boys Academy Coach                 Girls Academy Coach
James Ramon                                Stacey Schmidt

Price: $535* per year, plus $50 uniform fee.
Payment plans are available at time of sign-up. 
(Minimum of $50 sign-up plus $50 uniform fee due by June 15th to register)

*Practice uniforms and tournament fees are additional costs.

  1. Children are not permitted to climb on the nets or the goals at any time.  Every year, children are
    hurt climbing on goals and nets.  Every year new nets must be purchased due to children climbing and
    destroying them, causing fees to go up.  PLEASE, keep ALL of the children off of the nets and the goals.
  2. Seating during ALL practices and ALL games should be restricted to the sides of the fields. 
    NO ONE should ever sit or allow children to play in the areas at either end of the fields.
  3. ALL Jewelry (including but not limited to: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.) is prohibited from
    being worn during all practices and all games.  The only exception would be for medical identification.
  4. BYSO, CAYSA, and STYSA require shin guards to be worn at all practices and all games. 
    Failure to do so may result in a D&P hearing in front of the BYSO Board.
  5. Athletic shoes must be worn to all practices and all games.  Cleats extending out the sides, front
    or back are prohibited.
  6. Clothing with frayed hems or extremely loose, that might possibly cause injury, will not be allowed.  This
    is left up to the discretion of the referee.
  7. Each child's parent or parents shall have the responsibility to oversee their child at all
    practices and all games.  If the parent cannot attend, then it shall be their responsibility to have designated a responsible adult to oversee their child for them.  If a child is left unattended with the team Coach's permission, then that child's timely pick-up will be expected.  Failure to do so will be a possible forfeiture of playability.
  8. Children who are not participating must not be left unattended.  BYSO will not be responsible for
    any mishaps, which may occur to unregistered children.  Please, keep your children away from the parking areas during all practices and all games.
  9. Children are expected to attend ALL practices and ALL games.  Please, let the Coach know if
    your child will not be attending either.
  10. We ask that all trash be put into the trash receptacles (that are provided around the fields) or be
    taken home with you after all practices and all games.
  11. Dog, cats or other pets are PROHIBITED ON BISD PROPERTY, to ensure the enjoyment and
    safety of all players, spectators, and officials
  12. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED on BISD property, to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all players,
    spectators, and officials.
    and against State Law.
  14. AUTOMOBILES ARE PROHIBITED on playing grounds.  Exceptions are maintenance vehicles,
    emergency vehicles, or those with prior permission from the BYSO Board.
  15. NOISE MAKERS are prohibited at all games.

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