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Recreational Program

BYSO's recreational league is for players aged 3-19 looking for a fun, educational and exciting game of soccer. From preschool to high school we offer a league for boys and girls of all ages a way to learn the game, participate on a team and be a good sport. Please see the information below for more information. 

If you choose not to use our online registration portal you may print and fill out the form below and place it in the BYSO drop box located in the brown net shed or mail it to the address on the form.  Please include payment and appropriate documentation. 


Recreational Soccer is the program that is primarily devoted to the enjoyment and development of soccer players.

(Age by birth year determines level)

Division 4: Open to children age three - ten years (birth years 2010-2016). Division 4 means this is an intra-club league. Typically 9U-10U will travel to Elgin once per season for to play EYSO teams (Birth years 2010-2011). 

Division 3: Open to children 11U -19U years (Birth years 2001-2009) This league DOES requires 50% travel. For Division 3, this is a interclub format with teams from surrounding areas.

Items to note about Recreational Soccer:

  • The coaches are volunteers, and many times are generally less experienced than Certified Coaches of the competitive teams. Many parents who volunteer coaches, move up as their child moves up, in order to continue coaching their child's team.

  • 4U to 8U intra-club games are only played on Saturday mornings. No makeup games required. It is optional, and up to the coach and parents to reschedule any rainout games.

  • U9 to U10 occasional games set up with Elgin team requiring one week of travel and/or with Academy Blaze teams (held at home) to increase level of competition. 

  • U12 (Div 3) games are played on Saturday and some Sundays. Travel 50%. Makeup games are required.

  • It is only a single season commitment (Fall or Spring). You must sign up at each season.